BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus: What They Both Do Well for Australian Businesses

Discussing Bigcommerce Enterprise vs Shopify Plus may seem like wastes time to some entrepreneurs and ecommerce experts, as in truth, these ecommerce platforms are more similar than different. Here is what they both do well for Australian businesses!

If your business needs to make the next move, choosing an ecommerce platform is the best thing you can do right now. Establishing an online presence and getting closer to your customers can help your businesses reach the goals and worldwide success.

Based on the specifics and needs of your business, we would like to recommend you to try BigCommerce or Shopify Plus.

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Shopify Plus & BigCommerce Enterprise: Two Best Ecommerce Platforms for Australian Businesses & Brands

Shopify Plus is the newest and best offering from the Shopify platform. Built and designed for businesses and merchants doing 1 million or more per year, for whom Shopify Core would not be powerful enough.

Shopify Plus is usually recommended to businesses when third-party connections, as well as, international deployment are of vital importance.

What’s unique about Shopify Plus if the option of 10 clone stores at no additional cost. If your business operates over different countries or languages, you can deploy a close of your online store in 10 different languages for different target groups without having to rebuild or redesign the store you already pay for.

All 10 stores can be easily managed from your Shopify Plus admin area. The stores enjoy the benefit of being added to the Shopify App Marketplace which is the biggest ecosystem or third-party plugins.

Shopify has an open API which users can use to create custom connections, however, keep in mind that they may be expensive and time-consuming. If you desperately need a connection to 3rd-party software, the chances are good that a connector is already available in the Shopify App Store which could be easily added to your Shopify store with just a few clicks on the mouse.

We love Shopify because it offers predictable prices. The Shopify Plus ecommerce plans at $2000/month (this is the total price you pay, regardless of how much your Australian-based business grows). For more information on why we believe Shopify is the best choice for your online business in Australia, go to www.shopify.com.au/plus/compare/bigcommerce

BigCommerce Enterprise, on the other side, is the top tier solution from the BigCommerce platform. It is created for enterprises and large stores that do 1 million or more in sales. This platform is best for Australian businesses and brands with robust catalogs of categories and products. BigCommerce Enterprise plan comes with custom-faceted search (a built-in feature) that allows you to design specific search variables that allow your visitors and potential customers to find exactly what they are looking for.

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The open API makes it super easy for other systems to run perfectly with your online store. The platform also makes it super easy to run a wholesale online business by creating separate customer groups.

BigCommerce Enterprise is highly recommended for growing merchants, businesses, and brands that work with complex product catalogs and have high volume sales.

What Shopify Plus and BigCommerce do well for Australian businesses?

These platforms are more similar than different, especially if we compare them to other ecommerce platforms that are popular in Australia including Magento, Demandware, WooCommerce, and others.

Enterprise ecommerce platforms like Shopify Plus and BigCommerce are reliable and 100% secure. They host your online store in the cloud so your website won’t go down from increased traffic, sales or customers.

All of these benefits help you save the cost of development, time investment, and help you focus on personnel, marketing, inventory, and other aspects that make your business or brand run.