A Complete Guide to Keyword Search Volume for SEO

Search volume is a key metric in keyword research. Read about its limitations and how to get the most out of keyword search volume for SEO.

Keyword Research for SEO in 2021 (Beginners Guide and Tutorial)

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00:51 – Dangers of skipping ahead of keyword research
01:40 – 5 stages of customer awareness and how this effects your keyword research
06:50 – The Most profitable list of keywords for content creation ranked in order
09:02 – Free Keyword research techniques using Google and the free Surfer SEO Extension

Keyword research is a critical part of the SEO process. There are many aspects of keyword research that we will explore in this tutorial, including data, buyer intent, and how to search for keywords that will get your paid.

All too often we want to focus on the latest content creation technique, link-building strategy, or promotion of our content, however, if our targeting is off, then we’re wasting our marketing efforts.

Inside this tutorial and guide, I’ll explain the difference in keywords and why you should never solely look at the search volume.

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Keyword Research Tutorial | Keyword Research For SEO 2021 | SEO Tutorial For Beginners | Simplilearn

This Keyword Research tutorial will explain some of the important ways of finding the right primary and secondary keywords for your website. First, you’ll understand why keyword research is important. Second, you’ll learn types of keyword research in SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and a few important ways to do keyword research. Then, you’ll come across the Keyword clustering process, and finally, you’ll learn some of the easiest ways of keyword research using different keyword research tools.

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Below topics are explained in this keyword research tutorial:
1. Introduction (00:00)
2. Why keyword research? (00:33)
3. Types of keyword research (02:52)
4. How to do keyword research (09:24)
5. Alternative suggestions to keyword research (24:21)
6. Keyword clustering (35:46)
7. Tools for keyword research (38:19)

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To access the slides, click here: https://www.slideshare.net/Simplilearn/keyword-research-keyword-research-for-seo-2019-seo-tutorial-for-beginners-simplilearn/Simplilearn/keyword-research-keyword-research-for-seo-2019-seo-tutorial-for-beginners-simplilearn

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What is Keyword Research?
Keyword research lays the foundation for effective SEO. High ranking keywords will drive more traffic to your website from search engines. Keywords will help drive your content strategy and even the architecture of your website. To make sure you are generating the organic traffic you require, you must know how to do keyword research before anything else. Low search volume which leads to less traffic. If you don’t do thorough keyword research, you will fall behind competitors who are savvier with SEO. Issues that could produce poor search results include:
1. A high competition which makes it challenging to rank on the SERP
2. Irrelevance to the actual content
3. Incorrect use of primary and secondary keywords which leads to poor SEO optimization
4. This is why it’s important for you to know about keywords and how to do keyword research.

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How to find the exact search volume of keyword | Which SEO Tool is best for keyword research?

How to get the exact search volume of any keyword to rank in google. Which tools are best for keyword research and offer the correct search volume?
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6 Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO (and How to Use Them)

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use 6 powerful free keyword research tools individually and together in your keyword research process. Plus Ahrefs’ first YouTube contest.

A keyword research tool on its own is very limited. You might find that one tool offers search volumes, while the next SEO tool offers something completely different.

But when you combine them together in a systematic process, you can perform effective SEO without spending a penny.

The 6 tools that are covered in this video are:

1. Google Correlate
2. Keyword Sh*tter
3. Keywords Everywhere
4. Search engine auto suggest (not just Google)
5. Google Trends
6. Answer the Public

You’ll learn the pros and cons of each tool, how to use them, and we’ll finish off this section with a step-by-step tutorial on how to use them together.

You’ll then see how these tools and processes compare against Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer.

Here’s a link to our full series on how to do keyword research with Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zLBu_NfOaQ &list=PLvJ_dXFSpd2tIF-QrFD854Mnb8D4Av5vx &index=1


0:58 Google Correlate
1:44 Keyword Shitter
2:24 Keywords Everywhere
4:11 Search Engine Autosuggest
5:00 Google Trends
6:46 Answer the Public
7:54 Use a simple workflow for keyword research
10:07 Use Ahrefs Keywords Explorer for in-depth analysis

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