An SEO Guide to HTTP Status Codes

Learn more about the different HTTP status codes, what they're for, their real-world impact for SEO, and how to determine which codes exist on a website.

What Is an HTTP Status Code? | SEO In 30 Seconds #Shorts

Status codes are a series of numerical digits sent by the server hosting a website to the browser or bot that requested a given page. Learn what an http status code in our quick 30-second video.

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HTTP Crash Course & Exploration

In this video we will talk about HTTP and what it is, the request/response cycle, status codes, header/body and more. We will use Postman/Express.js to give examples

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SEO Guide: Introduction to Http Status Codes and Headers

Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP handles the interaction between browsers and websites.


Learn HTTP Status Codes In 10 Minutes

Building a web application or API is not an easy task, especially to do it correctly. One of the things that makes this process difficult is HTTP status codes. In this video I will be breaking down and explaining every single HTTP status code that you need to know in order to get started building the perfect web application or API. We will be covering everything from the most basic 200 status codes to the more complex 403 and 304 status codes.

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HTTP Status Code Web Site Reference:

�� Concepts Covered:

– What HTTP status codes are
– Why they are important
– All important 200 level status codes
– All important 300 level status codes
– All important 400 level status codes
– All important 500 level status codes

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