Choosing Between Big Commerce Vs Shopify Plus

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It is true that when it comes to e-commerce website building, BigCommerce and Shopify share about 80% of the market. The two have earned status and rank high on the list of e-commerce pack. But when it comes to choosing between the two builders for four online stores, you need to do some bit of research. This article wants to save the time you would otherwise spend on research. It gives you a quick comparison between the two.

  • Shopify

Now, choosing between any of these two developers depend on several factors. First, let us start with Shopify. If you want your store to have the best inventory system, then Shopify will deliver. It leads the pack when you want to equip your e-commerce site with sales features. It will support your effort for selling across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Even though, the platform has its limitations. It rates low when it comes to supporting multi-currency.  You, you will need third-party apps to support multi-currency. Also, the fees charged for transactions are high and will eat into your profits. Lastly, if you want to switch templates, it requires that you format your site.

  • BigCommerce

It supports multichannel selling which is an essential factor if you are operating on a thin budget. Also, it optimizes your site to help improve its ranking.  On the downside, it uses complex terminologies and may not be the best for beginners. Also, it is difficult to navigate its editing interface. BigCommerce does not support mobile apps.


Overall, most e-commerce owners prefer Shopify when looking for a developer that gives a platform that is easy to use. It’s an entrepreneur’s site that is easy to use. The user-friendly editor and the onboarding process are among the features that make it rank high.  You end up with an e-commerce website that allows you to control everything they do.

But for people who are tech-savvy, BigCommerce is a better option.  It has powerful in-built features that will enable you to add products in one place. You can make changes in one area and edit the storefront from a different area. It means that you must be ready to navigate from one area to another. Note that the developer has released a merchandising tool that allows you to edit the store on the screen. It enables store owners to customize their sites easily.