Faceted Navigation: Best Practices for SEO

Learn more about best practices when it comes to faceted navigation and organic search. This post breaks down the best ways to implement this navigation.

Designing for Discovery: Faceted Navigation

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Are you designing a website that contains large collections of products or documents? This hands-on video workshop shows you how to design faceted navigation, a powerful system that enables users to narrow their search results with filters. Host Jim Kalbach, Principal UX Designer with Citrix, also shows you how to design facets directly into your navigation, so that users can browse by facets before they even start to search.

Faceted navigation improves the discoverability of your content dramatically throughout the entire user experience—but its design is more intricate than many people assume. You’ll learn how to deal with many hidden challenges, such as displaying large amounts of metadata, determining where and how you should display filters, and creating simple interactions that average users will understand.

Through exercises, examples (good and bad), and a clear, structured framework for understanding individual components, you’ll learn how to include facets in your UI design, whether it’s for desktop, mobile, or both.

You’ll learn:

• The benefits of faceted navigation and ROI
• The process for analyzing and documenting facets
• How to use examples to lay out navigation on a page
• Ways to show more values
• Designing the interaction with faceted navigation
• Multiple selections and grey ends
• Mobile design concerns
• Facet implementation concerns

Jim Kalbach is a speaker, writer, and instructor on user experience, information architecture, and business design. During his years in Germany, he helped found local UX groups in Hamburg, and organized conferences throughout the country and elsewhere in Europe. Jim is the author of Designing Web Navigation (O’Reilly). He blogs at www.experienceinformation.com

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Why Faceted Navigation Is Not Good For SEO?

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SEO: Perfecting your faceted navigation with Luke Carthy

Listen to the full episode here:

My guest is the brilliant Luke Carthy. SEO consultant, CRO expert, and new eCommerce startup founder! And we’re discussing how to leverage your faceted navigation (your product filters) to maximise SEO performance, AND improve conversion rates.

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Masterclass Webinar: Faceted Navigation for SEO with DeepCrawl and Allotment Digital

The technical setup of category and faceted category systems in ecommerce sites can make or break a website’s organic visibility.

There are common errors in off-the-shelf and proprietary e-commerce platforms, which mean that sites using them aren’t able to rank for all of the terms that they should.

On Thursday 13th November at 6PM GMT (1PM EST), we’ll be joined by Alec Bertram from Allotment Digital, who has worked with ecommerce brands across most industries to build organic traffic and sales.

Tune in to learn:

Common issues with category pages of ecommerce sites, which decrease organic visibility and crawl efficiency

How you can identify these issues on your own website

How to maximise organic visibility, reduce crawl waste, and outrank your industy’s most authoritative sites by getting these pages right.

Common methods of forecasting the financial effect of fixing your facets and building business cases to get the C-suite to pay attention