SEO-Friendly Pagination: A Complete Best Practices Guide

In this guide, learn how pagination can hurt SEO, the pros and cons of pagination handling options, and how to track KPIs.

Shopify SEO Optimization For Beginners | Complete Step By Step Tutorial 2022

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In this shopify seo optimization tutorial for beginners, I walk you through step by step the best practices for doing shopify seo on your store to generate free traffic and sales. I explain what exactly shopify seo optimization is, in a beginner friendly manner, and then show you step by step how exactly to execute this within your own stores.

I’ll show you how to..
– Conduct Keyword Research
– Optimize your product titles and descriptions
– Optimize your image alt tags
– Check Your Page loading speed
– Use The Yoast SEO app to help expedite the SEO process

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Which SEO Strategy is Better for Your Website: Infinite Scroll or Pagination

In this video, I’ll discuss the pros and cons of Infinite Scroll Vs Pagination for SEO.

Infinite scroll is a great way to keep your users on your website longer, but it can cause some issues with Google’s crawlers and ranking algorithms when you’re not careful.

Pagination allows you to control exactly how many pages are shown in search engine results pages (SERPS), which can help improve your rankings if done correctly.

Which one will work best for you?

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Enterprise Site Pagination Faux Pas | 5 Hours of Technical SEO

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In this session, Jes Scholz, Paige Hobart, Liraz Postan, and Andrew Coco share how pagination can cost a significant amount of organic visibility, the pros and cons of pagination handling options, and how to track KPIs for your brand.

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00:00 Introduction to the webinar
01:06 Jes Scholz starts the presentation
02:06 Poor pagination handling hurts SEO
06:17 Non-SEOD Infinite Scroll
07:33 Block pagination crawling
09:22 Indexable pagination
12:42 artly indexable pagination
14:02 Inclusion rule pagination
17:14 Question: Does any of this apply to having a “read more” button? Does this mean that content isn’t weighted as highly as the visible content?
20:26 Question: my boss thinks we should forego pagination and just pull up a table of content with all of our news and blog articles to avoid the pagination issue. But is that a good user experience??
23:29 Question: Can you point us to specific good examples of pagination out in the wild?

You Need to Get Pagination Right for SEO: Here’s Why

Looks like Mark has found a “unique” solution to the pagination problem. If search engines can’t understand the pagination on your site, they’re going to treat it like a stack of papers tossed into the air. The one that lands for a particular searcher may not be the one you intended.

In this episode of the popular Here’s Why digital marketing video series, Stone Temple’s Eric Enge covers some of the most common SEO pitfalls with pagination and how to avoid falliing into them.

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