Shopify Plus Vs. BigCommerce for Entrepreneurs Based In the UK

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E-commerce with a SaaS platform is a significant trend among entrepreneurs in the UK. Shopify has been chosen by many in the UK, owing to its being around for much longer, which makes its features and payments more stable. They have also had the time to accumulate the best web developers and tricks to themselves, making it the top choice platform. However, there is increasing chatter about BigCommerce and its vow to offer better services. This short guide will compare the two popular platforms, and help you make the right choice:

User friendliness

This is in terms of use in adding products and their specs, shipping options and payment options. Shopify plus has a button labeled ‘Add a Product’ that helps you do just that, and easily. You get to add your product and conveniently fill out data fields with its specifications, barcodes, SKU and more. BigCommerce allows its 2,000 clients in the UK to use drag and drop to fill in product details. You can add price variations, color, and other specs, but its data fields are not as clear as Shopify’s.

Customer support

Shopify Plus has 24/7 email and phone support, and a dedicated London assistance number. They have an active e-commerce community where you can access frequently asked questions, their solutions, and other tips. They have a list of experts and partners to help you solve complicated tech issues on site in London, Bristol, and Birmingham. BigCommerce also has 24/7 phone support with live chat that works within British hours, and most customers acknowledge having their calls answered on the first call. Their tech support, however, is not as outstanding as Shopify’s. Visit their support site, and there is only one expert with rather few reviews.

Per sale charges

Shopify Plus’ charges are standard with every Shopify account; for UK cards they charge 2.2%+ £0.20, while BigCommerce costs 2.9%+ US$0.30 per transaction. BigCommerce has merchant payment partners for UK based stores to integrate with. Shopify may work for you due to its low pricing, but BigCommerce will work better if you wish to combine with their numerous partners, depending on the cards you expect to use.

Both provide powerful tools to help take your online business to the next level. Both will serve your overall needs perfectly but selecting will be based on your finer requirements and those of your potential clients.