Technical SEO Is a Necessity, Not an Option

Technical SEO continues to be the foundation upon which any successful strategy is built. Here's why technical SEO is more important than ever.

What is Technical SEO for a Website and How to Check and Fix SEO Issues?

Learn what is technical SEO and how to check the technical SEO issues with your website. How to do SEO Audit for your website and download SEO report instantly.

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Technical SEO Best Practices for Beginners – 4.2. SEO Course by Ahrefs

In lesson 4.2 of our SEO basics course, you’ll learn technical SEO best practices to keep your site in good health.

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The first thing you should do is ensure that your site structure follows a logical hierarchy.

Site structure is simply the way you organize content on your website. A good site structure helps search engines understand the relationship between your pages, plus helps search engines to crawl your pages more efficiently.

You’ll learn how to do organise your site well in the video.

The second thing is to ensure your pages don’t load slow. As you may know, Pagespeed has been a confirmed ranking factor for desktop search since 2010. And in 2018, Google announced that they’d be using page speed in mobile search rankings.

You’ll learn how to improve your website’s speed in the video.

The last thing is to do your best to stay on top of around 50 potential SEO errors. There are potentially hundreds of technical SEO issues that can and will happen to your site. So, you’ll need to find a way to find and manage them.

You’ll learn how to do this in the video.

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Technical SEO For E-commerce by Kristina Azarenko

Do you need guidance on how to optimize your online store for better rankings in the search? Book your demo here:

Have you missed our webinar by Kristina Azarenko “Technical SEO For E-commerce”? No problem, you may watch its recording right now! Here’s what it’s been focused on:

1) Why technical SEO is important for online stores
2) Three main points online stores need to think about
3) How big eCommerce brands screw up their SEO and how to be different

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Here is Your Non-Technical Guide to Technical SEO that Works in 2022

In this video, you’ll learn how to fully optimize your website for technical SEO to meet the search engine requirements so you can improve your search visibility, traffic, conversions, UX, core web vitals, and much more.

So whether you are starting a new website or already have started, this step-by-step tutorial will help you to optimize your technical SEO even if you are not a techie person.

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Doing technical SEO doesn’t mean you need to be a technical person who knows how to code, developing and programming websites. Luckily, today there are some amazing tools to help you get started even with minimum technical knowledge that you can easily gain.

However, even with that it still might be hard to learn the fine balance between all these SEO aspects and when you should apply them, and when to remove them.

Therefore you should always experiment and try to figure out what is the best technical SEO ratio with other important SEO elements.

For example, sometimes sacrificing a bit of page speed for better content with more media provides more value to a user than a faster-loading website with just a bunch of text.

So experiment, and find what’s working for you the best.